For customers

Confectionery “Mihaella” products are presented in all regions of Belarus, in some CIS countries and far abroad.

It was possible to achieve double growth of sales within last 2 years thanks to consecutive and systematic work of employees.
“Mihaella” products are popular thanks to:

  • high quality;
  • stable and competitive prices;
  • attractive packaging.

Product assortment and kinds of consumer packaging allow retailers of any format — from a booth to hypermarket, to find its products.

 Transport tare (cartons with the insert, show-boxes with the multi-color press)

  • guarantees products safety at long transportations,
  • make laying out in shops easier,
  • are attractive for customers.

Main Belarusian partners of confectionary are:

  • hypermarkets and supermarkets;
  • the largest trading networks;
  • wholesale trade enterprises;
  • consumers’ co-operative society enterprises.

We can offer to our buyers:

  • long-term contracts cooperation;
  • wholesale, special and savings discounts;
  • special prices for promotions;
  • full documentary support of transactions;
  • possibility of commodity credit receipt;
  • own transport delivery;
  • equipping of sales points;
  • degustation and products presentations;
  • information and telephone consultations;
  • advertising support.

The detailed information about cooperation can be received from sales department.

Ph. +375-1767-60134, 68174.

Fax +375-1767-47198.