Confectionery “Mihaella” was established in 1996 as the joint Belarus-Israeli venture.

The foreign investor has contributed original recipes and technologies which were already recognized in many countries of Europe and the Middle East.

The confectionary started the production in September 1997.

Soufflé, marshmallow sugar powdered and chocolate coated were main positions in the assortment. The production capacity was 20 tons per month.

In 1998 the technological equipment for grilyazh sweets, jelly and milk-jelly sweets was installed. As a result, 3 kinds of sweets appeared: “Brittles chocolate coated”, “Carnival” and “Yuzhnye zori”. The production capacity has grown to 40 tons per month.

In 2001 the equipment for production of milky sweets, such as “Korovka” and chewing sweets “Toffi”, has been purchased.

As a result of laborious work was appearance of sweets “Volshebnye” in 2003. Today these sweets are widely recognized.

In 2004 the foreign investor sold his part of business to the Belarus partners and from that time the confectionery has been functioning as Closed Joint-stock company “Mihaella”.

In 2007 the enterprise moved to a new industrial building with total area of 2500 sq.m.

Today factory is equipped by modern high-efficient equipment, which allows to produce more than 1 000 tons of sweet products under “Mihaella” brand per year.

Production facilities are located in the picturesque city of Molodechno, in 70 km from Minsk, the capital of Belarus.

More than 80 high-qualified employees work on 8 production areas. We are working on creating and implementing quality management system STB ISO 9001.

Today “Mihaella” produces 11 kinds of confectionery products using natural components: nuts, fruits, berries, honey, dark chocolate, white glaze.

Production quality is confirmed by Belorussian quality certificates and the Russian quality certificates of state hygienic registration.

Today company sales it’s products to Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Germany, Baltic countries.

Confectionery “Mihaella” constantly takes part in specialized international fairs and exhibitions. Our products were highly estimated by experts and honored with high awards. More information about our awards is here.

Today “Mihaella” brand offers not just tasty sweets. You can find ripe berries, juicy fruits or delicious nuts inside each product. That’s why our sweets will be interesting to those who have an exquisite taste, appreciates beauty and health.