Receipts, trade marks

Today confectionery “Mihaella” offers more than 80 kinds of sweets and confectionery products. They can be divided into following categories:

  • Milky sweets;
  • Chewing sweets;
  • Sweets with dried fruits and milky fondant body;
  • Sweets with fluffy body;
  • Sweets with jelly and two-layer bodies;
  • Sweets with brittle body;
  • Glazed fruits and nuts;
  • Bars from nuts and seeds;
  • Halvah.

All receipts and technologies are the result of long-term work of confectionery personnel.

Basic priority in each receipt creating is using of natural components — nuts, dried fruits, berries, edible seeds reach with, minerals and vegetative fats.

Food additives, such as, chopped nut, desiccated coconut, poppy-seeds, sesame, raisins, shelled sunflower seeds are used instead of artificial aromatizes.

The components raising resistibility of a human body to infavorable ecological factors are the parts of our products:

  • An agar is used in the production of fluffy sweets (“Ptichka”, “Duet”). Received from specified seaweed, agar has a high content of iodine;
  • Pectin is used in production of jelly sweets and fruit jelly (“Duet”, “Tutti-frutti”). Received from apples and citrus peels, pectin promotes excretion of salts, heavy metals and radionuclide.

The great attention is given to dietary and diabetic products where fructose is used instead of sugar. Fructose is a natural component with equal caloric content with sugar, but in 1, 2-1, 8 times sweeter.

Diabetic production includes:

  • Nuts and Seeds Bars ;
  • “Tutti-frutti” sweets;
  • peanut halvah “Vostochnaya”.

Confectionery “Mihaella” is the owner of 12 registered trade marks. Images and descriptions of some of them you can find bellow.

Magic sweets. Dome-shaped fondant sweets with the body based on prunes, apricots, dried cherry or raisin, chocolate glaze coated. “Volshebny abrikos”, “Volshebnaya sliva”, “Volshebny izyum”, “Volshebnaya vishnya”.
Kremovka”. Milky sweets, from the condensed milk with chopped nut, desiccated coconut, poppy-seeds, sesame or raisin.
Ptichka”. Sweets with fluffy body chocolate glaze coated, with creamy, chocolate and strawberry tastes. As a basis for soufflé preparation agar is used.
Duet”. Two-layer sweet, soufflé layer and a jelly layer body, chocolate glaze coated. They can be with raspberry, lemon and black currant tastes.
Brittles "Blagorodny”. Sweets with chopped nut or seed body. Caramel syrup is used as a bonding component. Thanks to palm oil sweets get aroma and delicacy.